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  • Rainbow

    • Rainbow Gravel is a mix of black, white, and red rounded material that is available in multiple sizes.  Its main use is in decorative applications in concrete sidewalks and flower beds.

  • Brown Special

    • Brown Special is a decorative gravel that is used for topping exposed concrete.

  • Septic

    • Septic Gravel is a mix of gravel with sizes ranging from 3/4" to 2".

  • Roofing

    • Roofing Gravel meets ASTMD 1863.

  • Concrete

    • Concrete Gravel has sizes up to 1 1/2 inches.

  • Pea Gravel

    • Pea Gravel has sizes up to 3/8 minus

  • Bull Rock

  • Texas Black

  • Bank

    • Bank sand is a sand and clay mix with clay. It's good for smoothing lawns since grass grows very well in this sand. It also is used to level concrete.

  • Select Fill

    • Select Fill sand is a heavy clay and is excellent for foundations.

  • Mason

    • Mason sand is a fine aggregate for masonry mortar that is finer than torpedo sand.  It's used for mortar in laying bricks as in a patio or sidewalk and is excellent for volleyball courts, golf courses, and kids' sand box.

  • Torpedo

    • Torpedo Sand is a coarse grain sand and small gravel mix with a particle size less than 3/8".  It's good for setting tile, pavers, and irrigation ditches and is used in concrete (not for mortar), utility pipe bedding and/or backfill, beach sand, mound-type septic systems, and livestock bedding.

  • Plaster

    • Plaster Sand is a fine sand and very small gravel used to mix with concrete.

  • Concrete

    • Concrete Sand is a coarse sand. Used for making concrete or as a bedding for concrete pavers or patio slabs.

  • Stabilized

    • Stabilized Sand is a product created by means of mixing varying amounts of cement, water, and sand in a pugmill. Typically, this product is used as bedding and backfill for underground utilities, highway retaining walls as well as many other applications where certain compressive strength specifications are required.

  • Top Soil



  • Limestone

    • Limestone Base comes in size from 1 1/2" to dust and 3/4" to dust

  • Concrete

    • Concrete Base Material comes in size from 1 1/2" to dust.  It's used as a base for road construction, parking lots, etc.  It can be packed into a hard, drive-able surface

  • Slag

  • Granite

    • Granite comes in sizes from 3/4" to minus.  Great for topping roads and jogging trails.  Its color ranges from brown to pink.


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